Whether you are looking for some inspiration for your next tattoo or have a foot fetish, these 15 foot and flip flop tattoos are sure to make you ooh and aah.

#1: Simple Bling

Love how elegant, simple and delicate this looks. The fine dots really help to make your eyes travel down. I’m not sure if the gems are dermal piercings or just pasted on for a night out, but they really accentuate the tattoo.

sexiest foot tattoo 10


#2: Colorful Pop

The shading and shadow work of this tattoo really helps to make it pop off the foot. Simply beautiful color balance and good use of natural skin tone for the tops of the flower petals.

sexiest foot tattoo 3


#3: Traveling Eyes

Oh mama! This tattoo really makes your eyes want to wander up and down, then back up again. Love the shading work.

sexiest foot tattoo 15


#4: Amazingly Realistic

This butterfly looks like it just landed on that foot! The color, shading, and shadow work really makes this butterfly look realistic.

sexiest foot tattoo 14


#5: Free Spirit

Simple, elegant and flows around the top of the foot nicely. Love how the feather breaks off into birds.

sexiest foot tattoo 11


#6: Pink and Black Love

Such a perfect example of how black and pink rock as a color combo.

sexiest foot tattoo 8


#7: Tribal Flow

Love how the lines accentuate the foot and ankle! Simple and oh so sexy.

sexiest foot tattoo 4


#8: Double Sexy

I love how this tattoo utilizes both feet. Very clever and symbolic at the same time.

sexiest foot tattoo 6


#9: Lovely Lilies

Love the way this tattoo curves around the top of the foot. The shading and dot work really makes this tat stand out.

sexiest foot tattoo 2


#10: Christmas Came Early

Wow! It looks like I could reach out, grab an end of the ribbon, tug and watch it fall to ground. Super sexy!

sexiest foot tattoo 13


#11: Gorgeous Mandala

The symmetry of this design is so on-point it’s almost unreal.

sexiest foot tattoo 12


#12: Fly Away

The way this tattoo travels from one foot to the next with the butterflies getting bigger as it wraps around the leg is simply stunning.

sexiest foot tattoo 5


#13: Ankle Feather

Simple ankle tattoo with a feather. Not as popular as they once were, but still sexy none the less.

sexiest foot tattoo 9


Which tattoo was your favorite?

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