Have you ever been on a mission to find flip flops or sandals when out shopping just to find that stores only carried a couple different brands or styles? Once you have found a pair that you like what are the chances that they carry your size?

If you are lucky enough to have reached that point, how do you know whether the shoes you are buying are ethically manufactured? Does that brand care about the environment and the impact that they have on it? How about giving back to the community?

These are all points that Flippies aims to address. When you buy footwear from Flippies the brands that we carry meet at least one of the following criteria below:

  • Use of materials that are ethically sourced
  • Use of ethical manufacturing processes
  • Emphasis on minimal environment impact
  • Charitable/cause related contributions

We want to stock awesome flip flops and sandals that aren’t just fashionable and comfortable, but that people can really feel good about buying.